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Attention to Detail

Attention to the detail can make the difference between mediocre and your ideas come to life.

That’s why, LT Painting carefully prepares our work surfaces at the start of the project with the end in mind.

We will help you with recommendations that produce quality results

And yes, we do clean up the project space once the job is complete.


We use the best paint application techniques and products available for your job.

We keep your budget in mind and use our many years of experience to help you decide what level of painting is right for your project.

We select the best paints for your project, and then we apply them with years of experience.
Our goal is to please you with a finished product that you can see and feel is great paint workmanship.


Our painters will show up to your job when scheduled ready to begin your painting project.

We respect your time and the opportunity you have given us to help with your home or business  projects.

Once we begin your project, we make every effort to keep a flow going until the completion.

We work to your satisfaction throughout the process.



With  knowledgeable painters and expert application techniques LT Painting Service should be on the top of your go to contractors list!

We can answer any questions about paint materials, methods of application or scheduling at any time during your project, to guide you through the beginning process to the completion.

We know the choice is yours. Choose the painter that guarantees your satisfaction. Click for our contact form or call us today for a free consultation at 813-878-2488!